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Tecolote Canyon Golf Course Scorecard

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Hole #1

The first hole at Tecolote Canyon requires a skilled touch. This downhill par 3 is a great opening hole. A slick green is well-guarded by a pepper tree on the left and two bunkers on the right.


Hole #2

Number two is guarded by a bunker on the right, but don’t go left because Tecolote Creek runs the length of the hole. This green slopes from right to left toward the creek, making it a very challenging par.


Hole #3

The third hole is a downhill par 3; the prevailing breeze can make club selection difficult, not to mention the bunkers on both sides of the fairway. Tecolote Creek guards the green to the left, and the canyon sits to the right, making this the toughest hole on the golf course. 


Hole #4

Hole number four is a longer par 3. There are no bunkers on this hole, but don’t let that fool you. There is a large pepper tree just off the tee box that forces you to shape your shot, making this a great test of your game.


Hole #5

It’s tempting to try and drive the green on this, our first par 4, but hazards left and right make that easier said than done. With one of the severest greens on the course, make sure to keep your ball below the hole. 


Hole #6

The sixth hole is an uphill par 3 over the creek. A deep bunker on the left and a hazard on the right make club selection on this hole paramount.


Hole #7

Hole number seven plays downhill to a green that is guarded by bunkers long and left. A large oak tree guards the right side of this hole and makes the target very small.


Hole #8

Our second par 4 on the course is a tricky driving hole and requires accuracy, first and foremost. Tecolote Creek runs the length of the hole on the left and is a magnet for golf balls because the fairway slopes right to left. 


Hole #9

The front nine ends with a difficult par 3. The green is guarded by a large oak tree on the right and a bunker on the left. Club selection is key here as the hole plays downhill and into a tricky breeze.


Hole #10

Hole number ten has the toughest green on the course. Don’t miss long or right. The severity of this green makes a three-putt a common occurrence. 


Hole #11

Our first par 4 on the back nine is relatively short, but with a split fairway, you must make a decision on the tee. Try to carry the creek and set up a short second shot? Or, play it safe and lay-up short? Couple this with a green that slopes severely from front to back with bunkers guarding the green short on both sides, and you have a wonderful test of your golf game.


Hole #12

The twelfth hole is the longest par 3 on the course. With a bunker guarding the green left and short, make sure you take enough club.


Hole #13

Another long par 3, hole number thirteen also plays uphill. This hole is further complicated by a hazard on the right. Take an extra club and don’t be short.


Hole #14

Playing downhill over the creek and guarded by bunkers to the right and long, club selection is key on this tricky hole.


Hole #15

There are no bunkers on the fifteenth hole, but don’t let that fool you. This mid-length par 3 plays uphill; a large pepper tree guards the green on the right and a large slope protects the green left. Make sure to stay below the hole—going past the pin makes for a tough two-putt. 


Hole #16

Our last par 4 on the course has out-of-bounds on the right. Make sure to hit the fairway as the approach shot to the green plays uphill and is guarded by a bunker on the left.


Hole #17

Hole number seventeen is a great hole to try and salvage a good score— it’s a great birdie possibility.


Hole #18

Much like the seventeenth, hole number eighteen is a great opportunity to make birdie and come out on top for the day. It’s a rather short hole, but you need to hit a good shot off the tee as there are bunkers on the right and left.

Back10511415215830513712933914215811292991631621371593041181091580316158.6 / 10158.6 / 95
Handicap1715131179513 14648121021618    
Par M/W333343343293433334332958  
Handicap1715911571313 42810161261418    

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